polo and denim? what like it’s hard?

Legally Blonde quotes as blog post titles are the only titles I’m allowing over here on da bloggity from now on I think…kidding, but if it were doable…totally not kidding.

I am in LOVE with Gap lately, as I usually am, and at the beginning of the summer they had ALL their shorts for $20. yeah. you heard that right. So of course I picked up a pari (or 3…) and these denim ones were my first choice by far. I struggle with finding a decent pair of denim shorts every summer, mainly because i am very picky when it comes to one of the most uncomfortable materials to wear on your booty, and am STILL searching around for a pretty basic pair, but as for fun, these one’s hit the spot for sure. This little shoot was so fun downtown and getting to vibe out my inner modern Elle Woods, work a lot play a lot dress great…a lot. I’m not much of a straight slicked pony kinda gal, but the heat was calling for it and it ended up semi cute! thoughts? As for this shirt, men’s section polo button ups are my guilty pleasure and I throw them on over chinos in the summer and jeans in the winter and they seriously go with everything. plus, pink seersucker….



{cute shot of me when my picture taker tells me she’s actually trying to take a picture of the dogs behind me}

until next time, xoxo, Ally


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