jello mac’n’cheese


Hey there friends. First off, is there really a proper way to spell macncheese? Please update me on this ASAP because I was having straight anxiety and googled multiple sources that gave me multiple different answers so let’s figure out the right way to let others know we’re chatting about cheesy goodness as soon as we can thank you.

ANYWAYS: I’m in the mood to write today so I thought I would update you on my life.

AI got my wisdom teeth out last Thursday and all went well for the most part, no awful swelling (that my friends were highly disappointed about), not too severe of pain, and I gratefully don’t remember a thing besides closing my eyes when they started to use my body as a table for all of the sharp and shiny objects they planned on maneuvering around my mouth for the next hour or so. A lot of soft foods (mashed potatoes, blended soup, lots and lots of fray and smoothies) later I’ve come to realize: I really don’t enjoy soft foods. Besides froyo, in which i could eat for the rest of my life I think. ( i know ) It is not until you can’t have it that you really really really want a thing such as croutons. I don’t even like croutons?!?!??!?!

Last week I also got the whole week off from nannying and doing non work things, not that I can hardly call nannying “work” but, was refreshing as heck. Getting to blog shoot some pics, sleep in, oh and the whole removing my teeth business all got done and I didn’t even have a carseat in my car the entire week: magical.

Oh okay so onto the title of this post. I am BACK to nannying this week (I almost kinda missed the little booger.) I grabbed my nanny tote (I’m awful but love myself) Monday morning and realized what I had become this summer. The bottom was lined with bandaid wrappers, a few scattered scared alone Shopkins (we will get to this), too many crayons to count, and old coloring pages. hahahahah. love it.

Long story short, I happened to have two girlies yesterday and we could’t leave the house because I didn’t have two carseats in my car (1-120 how much do I sound like a straight mom.) I want two kids ALL the time I think. I am still kinda sore in my tooth holes and was exhausted as heck from working late the night before and the two nuggets played together ALL day with their Shopkins…these things amaze me. They’re this crazy kid craze right now and they’re literally just tiny plastic food with faces….don’t ask me how this isn’t totally creepy because I have NO idea.

Anyways, jello and the word I can’t spell was lunch and being the fab nanny I am, after they were done I snuck a bite of their leftovers only to realize they decided to be bold and MIX the two together. Considering they had orange jello it mixed right on in with the cheese and I stood there just taking it all in for a minute before I couldn’t help laughing to myself at kids in general. Who woulda thought. jello cheese noodles, and they devoured them. and I guess so did I. I didn’t even know how badly I needed  the little laugh to shake me from my tired funk and got me realizing we all need a little cheese jello in our lives. I think it was sorta God in His own little way saying haha I won you can’t stay tired and not feeling anything for any longer. Next time can we make that in the form of like…idk…a random unexpected bite of cheesecake big guy? thanks in advance.

All in all, don’t be afraid to relax and forget about the huge things in life and to laugh at things that make you laugh. Sometimes, and this sounds silly, I almost get so caught up in the big girl world I live of working all the time and preparing for college (so big girl I know) that I almost feel weird spending time doing things for myself or taking things light heartedly. We are never too big girl for laughs, so use a whole lotta them.

all my love, hugs, and jello, Ally (and Eme)

4-up on 7-20-16 at 11.51 AM #5 (compiled).jpg


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