links i love 8/5/16



AUGUST?!?! no way I don’t believe you. whether you believe it or not lie me (I don’t), the 8th month of the year is here!!!! With that being said, let’s hop straight into some August Friday links!

1// So i absolutely don’t trust myself with anything other than the Lifeproof case currently on my phone after a little incident that ended with my phone in the pool…but for those of you without the clumsy gene…THESE Draper James cases are the sweetest southern things I ever did see.

2// you bet your butter beer I hit up my local Barnes & Nobles midnight premier of the latest edition to my Harry Potter book collection. (yes I waited in line until past 1 am for my $25 book that they had hundreds of copies at in Target the next day for $18 but it’s for the experience okay?) If you want the book still, HERE it is on Amazon! 

3// Speaking of Amazon…there are a whole heck of a ton of deals if you’re a student when it comes to Amazon Prime, GO take advantage of them!!!

4// SO Misty Copeland is basically everything I ever strive to be in a woman and the girl got married. The pictures are to die for and if you haven’t read articles featuring her or watched her dance….i suggest you spend some time doing so and you’ll be just as in love as i am!

5// I’ve raved about my favorite local boutique over and over but they have an online store as well so you all aren’t left out and THIS ROMPER!!!!!!!

6// I never really got into Pretty Little Liars after one of the main girls and I shared a name and I got all creeped out to the max…but this is a super interesting article on that specific girl’s style inspo!

7// self promo that I made a Twitter to connect with you all super quick and easily so follow that over at @xoallisonnicole!!!!

8// literally IN LOVE with these sneakers…if only they were about $700 less….

9// How DARLING does Kate look in this outfit?! I love!

10// Are you going to be watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight?! I’m a totally Olympic and USA jukie and have had the app on my phone for a week already…let me know what YOUR favorite events are to watch in the comments!

until next time, xoxo, Ally


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