Links I Love / 7-8-16


And just like that, we are in the second week of July. It seems like the first 8 days flew by faster than a firework and here I am awaiting the end of summer already. But who can blame me when I have my annual family friend trip down to the lake and COLLEGE approaching here very soon! I had college orientation for KU this past week and would post some pictures except I only snapped some shots of our Lawrence eats…halfway through devouring them…so maybe college pics with come when college comes. Until that time, here’s some links I’ve been hooked on lately!

1// Carly comes in clutch once again ladies.What to bring to college post because I think I have a small addiction with these things.

2// So i’ve wanted a Swell water bottle for the longest time but have never been able to get myself to purchase one at their steep prices. However, THIS one in champagne gold is literally my soul color and i MAYYYYY have to bring out the card and make it a deal before college rolls around…

3// going of that last link, Paper Source is a GREAT website in general if you’re ever looking for a gift for a friend. There are all those knick-knacks no one REALLY needs but everyone secretly wants all in one place!

4// this isn’t really a link but I’ve been having a trillion and one people ask me what I get to drink at Starbucks during the summer so here ya go: iced vanilla coffee with coconut milk & whip!

5// you all know how I feel about good old snail mail, if you feel the same way, this is worth the read

6// with good reason of the fun (and shockingly fashionable) fruits, i , along with everyone else, have fallen in love with the pineapple. Check out this post with all things pineapple! & did i mention the writer goes to my future school?!?!?!?! AHH COLLEGE AGAIN!

7// considering it is summer and I find myself using food as an outlet to hang out with my friends, this guide to dining out and still being healthy has everything you need

8// heading to the DryBar is still on my bucket list, and they have similar blowout locations in my area, but this article on how they became what they are today is super fascinating.

9// vegan chocolate chip cookies gosh darnit sign me up.

10// lastly, HAPPY JULY AND HAPPY FRIDAY to the longest 4 day week of the year.

until next time, xoxo, Ally

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