lucky to live a life we love // 212 West

Working with companies and brands always makes me feel like such a big girl blogger (cheesy but it’s like a dream come true and literally so much fun). Finding companies that support beliefs that encourage young girls is one of my favorite online shopping habits and is becoming more and more common these days #girlpower.

212 West is absolutely no exception. After reading their “story” page on their website, I was beyond sold. Not that the gorgeous jewels didn’t already have me dying to work with them. Basically in short, they stand for expression and helping people make a statement. uh, cool as heck! Another AWESOME aspect of 212 West ( is that every patriotic necklace sold sends a portion of proceeds to Operation Freedom, that helps with dogs of troops. Two big paws up from me! You can read more about it here! You can read more about it here! They are a provider of necklaces and charms for women that come with “bars” each holding a term/word and therefore meaning. There are preselected word combos ranging from patriotic slogans to runner slang, or you can create your own like I chose to! They’re each a little different which makes them all the more special. So onto the meaning for my choices.

Lucky. Love. Live. 

Three words that can be interpreted thousands of millions of ways, but to me, it’s that we are all lucky to live a life we love. (The love and life are switched but just work with me here pals). Onto a preachy blog post, in 3…2…1….ACTION!

Let me set things straight: your life, is YOUR life. You get to do whatever the heck you want. Which, in turn, means you get do DO whatever the heck you want. That being said, you’re also control of you own happiness. Everything that you choose to do is allowed to make you happy if you let it…so do things you love.

These can be big outward things: hang out with your best friends, volunteer at your church or school, go shopping for a new pair of shoes (because cmon…you KNOW it makes you giddy), go out to catch a movie or grab a bite to each with your friends, or literally climb a mountain if that’s what floats your boat!

(Actually don’t float a boat on a mountain but you catch my drift…haha actually hope the boat catches my drift then you’ll really be settin sail!) (<–I’m sorry) 

ORRRR do things that inwardly and quietly make you happy such as: taking a walk at golden hour (sunset or early mornings are as gold as they get), taking an extra long bath, going to sleep an hour early, making yourself a yummy breakfast just because, telling yourself that YOU love YOU.

From the chances and opportunities we are given, to the friends and role models we encounter..we are just straight up #lucky. Never think anything in your life was put there on accident, it’s luck, a blessing, if you will. Use these lucky signs to really, TRULY, love every second of the life you’re given. I promise, happiness will come your way if you do things that make you happy…sounds simple enough right?

moral of the story: I’m in love with this necklace and am hoping to snatch one for my mom before i leave for college (don’t read this mom thank you) and think they are the perfect gift for someone in your life who has a thing for words…sounds a little like myself. The gold/bronze/silver options you’re given make it easy as pie to match your necklace to literally any outfit given, but ripped boyfriend jeans and white shirts have been my ISH this summer. They’re two staples that are SO easy to work with once you find the perfect pair of jeans and comfiest shirt, plus you kinda automatically look like you’re a celeb who is out on a grocery run! or maybe that’s just the scenario I imagine myself as…either way…it’s my favorite outfit literally ever.


if you want to read about their stellar cool story and meaning behind the bars:

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