heart eyes for summer


so guilty secret, I’ve had these shorts for two years and I think I’ve worn them more than a major of the socks that I own. & for someone who can’t fall asleep without socks on (I’m awful I know), that’s a lot of socks. The basic old time Lilly print is absolutely my favorite considering you literally can’t go wrong with the classic pink & green. Nothing says summer quite like it. As for this shirt, I picked it up in KC back over spring time and i LOVE it to pieces. it’s so easy to wear plain with any type of shorts, or I’ve also been adoring pairing it with colored denim. also it is comfy as heck and a half so that’s always a plus! As for my heart sunnies, I usually can’t find a ton of goodies in Urban Outfitters that are my style, but I have been looking around for a pair just like these and when I found them just browsing around i knew it was fate. I ended up wandering around the store for a bit and stepped out of my comfort fashion zone and actually found a few cute pieces I may pick up before college.

Big thanks to my “shanager” Shan for shooting with me in some real fun humidity yesterday. all the love to ya.

until next time, xoxo, Ally


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