Al&Em {1}


So I promised you all via my insta feed (@xoxoallisonnicole) that you would all get to hear from my buddy Emma today, and oh I am SOO excited for you to get to do so! Emma is a sophomore at my school and has the absolute biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. I’ve been struggling writing blog posts lately because I have this weird vision of what I want my blog to be when people click on my site. I have huge big city dreams of being a fashion blogger in the most stylish outfits and coolest hairstyles in the most daring setting shooting candid pictures. But, I also adore actual writing, things that make people feel, so I decided upon both. 

Emma and I share one huge thing in common, and that’s our faith lives. Which is a pretty darn cool thing to share if you do ask me. Not only has it deepens my own faith, but having Emma so comfortable to openly discuss it, makes me ten times more confident. It’s hard to find people now who are confident enough in their faith to openly have a conversation about it. Emma and I are learning to be those people.

Every Sunday, Emma and I are going to talk about our faith in a different aspect. Each of us having a few words on the same topic. Today I figured you all could just get to know Emma before we jump right in. 

If there’s one thing you need to know about this silly gal that just sums it all up, it’s that she emailed me this final draft after already sending me one earlier this week last night around 12:30 am ending the email with “I’m nuts”. Yeah, you are Em. But I love it. So here ya go world, Emma’s words:

{{Hi there friends,

My name is a Emma Roth and I am 16 years old. I love my life and the people in it, because God has blessed me with His unending grace. My faith journey is a never ending roller coaster. I strive to enjoy the ride everyday, but sometimes it isn’t fun. There will be days or even weeks where I question if God is present in my life. Having a personal relationship with Him requires all the same tools as having a personal relationship with a friend or parent; it takes patience, compassion, and the ability to stop and listen to the other person. Though it might be considered “work” to keep a relationship with Him, I recommend it fully, 10/10. It took me quite a few years to understand how to hear God’s voice and how to completely understand what He is trying to get across to me, but when I finally did, it was worth all the alleged “work”.

Today, I realize that God is always with me, whether I feel His presence or not. I know He is constantly guiding me to wherever His plan leads me next. In grade school, I would get embarrassed and frazzled when people asked me about my faith. Since freshman year, publicly talking about my faith is a completely new ballgame. Being confident in my beliefs was a big weakness of mine, and since I realized that, overcoming it has become easier and easier throughout the years. Everyday I am learning more and more about who I am, how to hear His voice, and how God plays a part in my life.

Thanks for listening to my many typed out words and I hope at least some of them spoke to you,

xo em}}
Check back next Sunday (Easter!) for more chat with us both! Xo, ally 


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