my life lately 3/24/16

wowza. hey there internet followers. followers? readers? friends? heyo to ALL of ya. life is crazy, hecka crazy lately, and I’m loving every ounce of it. I promised myself when I first started blogging that I would never be too focused on it to let it get in the way of my real life and months like this prove it to be all too true, but I’m really alright with it if it calls for more adventures. So today I wanna sit and chat with all of you and do what I love to do, write about me. lol, as silly as that sounds, i love letting you all in on my life so you can share some happy moments as well! now onto the good stuff:

//my school life has been filled to the brim with fun lately. if this is what being a second semester senior is like, I don’t ever wanna go to college. (don’t quote me on that @KU, i really really wanna go to college.) My school has this crazy tradition called “Surprise Day” that myself and the rest of student board plan for the whole school. Basically its a day that no one else but StuBo knows the date of that we don’t have school and have a dance party and inflatables and cotton candy and face paint. I told you, crazy. Here’s Andie and I enjoying our last one!


//cotton candy aside, I also competed in districts and state of speech for my school these past few weeks. My high school speech career is now over and I can’t thank any single one of my teammates enough for the amount of love they’ve given me over the past four years, and for the amount of confidence the activity has given me overall. I’ve met some of my best friends through speech and even my ‘adopted lil soul sister’ shannon (who i’m sure some of our silly adventures will be posted about soon)


not sure what in the world this crazy soph is gonna do when this senior graduates

//senior year just seems to be absolutely full of endings, and my end of dancing is one of them as well. I finished up my last dance team season and even though I’ll miss the girls and the craziness we concoct whenever we’re together, don’t even doubt my smooth moves will be left behind when college comes. you should see me whip.


how cute is this blanket these little freshmen created for me!


my pal Meg and I who share far too many laughs during practice…


my mini me! Allie and I are the best of buds!

//moving!!! AGAIN!!!! When i first started this blog back in ’14 I moved and here I am again doing the same thing. crazy how life repeats itself. I’ll be moving down to Lawrence come August but for now my fam is moving homes and I’m constantly busy packing or planning new room ideas (Pinterest boards finally coming to real life usage!!!) I can’t wait to show you guys pics when my dream room is complete!)

//okay this last one may be silly but I am seriously obsessed with grocery shopping. I’ve mentioned it before but I have a new therapeutic love for it. I recently have been picking out the best topping for smoothie bowls , my new fav treat, and it is seriously more fun than you would imagine!

well that’s all for now! thanks for letting em get chatty!

xoxo, Ally


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