friday finds 3/11/16


1// Chrissy Teigen is on everyone’s watch list for being sassy and hecka smooth all at the same time, but what’s in her kitchen?

2// Hamilton the pup. Carly got a new furry friend and it literally could not be any cuter!

3// try to tell me this Lilly pineapple dress isn’t everything you could ever dream of and then some…

4// this omelette recipe from Fran sounds absolutely heavenly, and her little preface story is just as sweet

5// preach.

6// I’m already constantly lusting over Amber’s life with her adorable kiddos, so this pastry class made me just about 15 trillion times more jealous. let me know how one looks that fabulous in an apron. i would love to take notes.

7// only seven for today, but Friday I am headed down to Lawrence with my pal to visit KU again and I am too stoked to be back in my future college town! Pics for sure to come!

xoxo, Ally


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