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hey there pals! I saw this image while doing my daily Pinterest-ing and it came across as the cutest and most accurate thing. I love all things that are fall and winter and holidays….who the heck doesn’t? So i thought I would make today’s post a little fun and go into detail on a few of my favorites of these color names and how they’ve associated with me this season!

red lipstick// uh if only i could actually pull this off…I’m more of a watch Taylor Swift rock it and me highly respect her for that kind of gal

Thanksgiving Break// possibly the best week of the year. seriously, i LOVE Thanksgiving. love. nothing in the world means happiness more to me than being with my family and some hecka good food, so combining the two makes me over the moon happy. i love my cousins with all my heart and they’re those kind of best friend forever no matter what people who don’t judge you for having a 3:1 ratio of dinner rolls to turkey

Flu Shot// does anyone else have my awful luck or am i the only one who consistently gets the flu approx 2 days after i get the flu shot EVERY STINKIN YEAR?

Selfie At A Cafe// not even halfway going to deny this one. blogger probz to the max. Starbucks becomes my home when I need a switch-up of space to get out of a studying funk. there is something even cosier about snagging a seat there in the winter time. all the more power to ya if you happen to cop a window spot! #thebestseatinthehouse

Pumpkin Spice Latte/// lol its in my blood.

Staying in Bed on A Rainy Day// throw me a blanket or two, gimme a cup of tea or hot chocolate, turn on some JackJohnson and JohnMayer and call it a night (or day)

Burberry Coat that I Can’t Afford// preach. along with just about every coat i’m loving lately. have you SEEN J.Crew’s coasts this season??!?!? hello beautiful my name is Ally and I’m in love with you all.

Yellow Rain Boots// that reminds me how this is for sure the color i want to add to my collection of rain boots. does a girl REALLY need 3 pairs? yeah.

Feeling Cute Like An Acorn// kind’ve my mentality all the time now that I think about it…

Halloween Night// Oh what a night. I adored everyone’s costumes this year and had a blast playing lifeguard for the night and being the Wendy to my friend’s Squints from the Sandlot

Favorite Socks// i have too many to count. nothing gets me like a good clever pair of printed crew socks to pull together an outfit. also i think i’m the only one on the planet who adores sleeping with socks on but #noshame

Homecoming// possibly my favorite night of the year. i love love love homecoming and dancing at football games and homecoming dresses and flowers and dates and food and friends and all things homecoming. i’m so sad that while writing this i’m realizing this year’s was my very last!

Carrot Cake// shockingly this is my absolute favorite even over pumpkin flavored treats. call me a bunny rabbit but i’ve got a thing for a solid carrot cake.

xoxo, happy almost christmas, Ally


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