christmas wishlist


the turkey leftovers are almost gone at my house and the tree is set up and ready for presents to be put under. i love christmas. i’ve probably mentioned that within every month here on the blog but i. love. christmas. i also think I’ve mentioned how i’m New York-ing with my best friend (i promise you you’ve read about her before if not check this out). We leave the 24th and we’ve been dreaming of Christmas in the city (aka looking at numerous ‘nycfood’ instagrams) for months now. My parents have ever so generously gifted me my plane ticket as my christmas present this year (honestly a flight to New York…i’ll take that every year please mom&dad) which has left me stressing a lot less over what I want for Christmas, and more over what to get others. BUT, for the sake of being a blogger I put together a few things I’ve been eyeing anyways.

-I can’t even tell you how many J.Crew fashion guides I’ve lusted over that include New Balance sneakers. I am SUCH a fan of navy and pink as it is and anything that makes me look like I’m semi-athletic is a gift for me.

-the Kate Spade bow earrings oh my DOES IT GET ANY MORE FESTIVE? but actually, these puppies are seriously to die for and I can only imagine sporting them at multiple holiday parties throughout the season. ALSO THIS CHARM BRACELET. I can only imagine rocking this every single day of being in New York and every single day after that. This just may be my Christmas present to myself this year because I truly don’t think I can live without it…HOWEVER I can’t find the actual link to it anywhere, it seems to have been taken off the website and i am practically dying without it. (actually though if anyone can find where to buy it hit me up at thank you)

-honestly my Christmas wishlist wouldn’t be complete with just one or two kate spade items, so i had to throw in this keychain just for kicks. does it encompass my blog or is it just really pretty? both? you tell me.

well that’s what I’ve been eyeing this winter as I shop my Pinterest feed excessively during school. I mean in my free time after my homework is done ;). I hope all of you have an awesome few weeks until Christmas break and stay very warm!

until next time, xoxo, Ally

new balance sneakers // bow earrings  //  ‘xo’ keychain //


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