i believe

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Let me start this off by saying I should 200% be studying for finals right now. But I just got home from church, sat on my bed, and was overwhelmed with thoughts of absolutely everything. Sometimes, a girl has just gotta write (or type i guess…) so bare with me here.

I’m a huge fan of anything and everything Kate Spade….#duh. However as pretty as they may be, the bright colors and exciting pattern play wasn’t what originally attracted me to the brand. Instead it was the mottos, the lifestyles, the do what you want and have full belief in making every day a great day. I am a firm believer in preaching your own beliefs and having something to believe in to get you through your day, week, month, lifetime.

For me? I believe in morning coffee before the sun is up or struggling throughout the day. I believe in hugs from your parents and remembering that they too are in fact human. I believe in handwritten notes and random acts of kindness. I believe in rain boots even when it isn’t raining, but especially when it is. I believe in smiles being contagious. I believe in never being able to be overeducated or overdressed. I believe in pajama days that last until bedtime. I believe in best friends and sisters. I believe in to-do lists and the satisfaction of a complete one. I believe in the color pink and a well placed monogram. I believe in hugs: lots of them. I believe in a perfectly wrapped gift. I believe in laughter. I believe in being you: 100% you, heck 500% you.

so go be you. find something to believe in and live it out.

or study for finals. or both.

xoxo, Ally

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