wallpaper inspo


so if you’re anything like me, you’re on your computer, iPhone, iPad A LOT. whether it be for school, for friends, or for friends while you’re supposed to be on it for school (been there done that) they tend to control our lives. I know I have such a “tidy desk tide mind” mentality when it comes to having a clean workspace and getting things done. but this past school year I found out the same goes for my devices. the more cluttered and unorganized my desktop looks…the more tabs i tend to have open that aren’t at all related to what i should be doing. so wallpapers for my laptop have been my holy grail of sanity as odd as it may sound, i have a method to my madness. check out these motivational and inspirational, (and super cute) wallpapers to get your mind tidy and ready to work this school year!

click HERE to find the site that has all these cute wallpapers and more!

xoxo, Ally


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