life lately


I strive to update you all on my personal lifewhether it be a quick insta post or a blog rant, I love sharing little moments of my life so I thought I would update you today on the current happenings of my life.

holy moly guacamole I have zero idea how as of August 14 I will be a senior in high school. life is truly crazy in how fast it slips away from you. and man that sounded a lot like something my mom would say. growing up can be super terrifying but thinking about the future and how many awesome opportunities it holds is honestly the best feeling. I start school this week and so I’ve been on the “summer read/personal statement/i really should take the ACT one last time” grind and honestly i don’t mind it at all. I’ve always been one of those girls who is obsessed with planning her future but not so great at planning her homework schedule. so that is a big goal for me this year, stay on task and get it done.

I just got back from the lake and my summer vacation was everything i hoped for. lake water all day, sunny skies, and the implied shopping trip that is always so  much fun even if the stores are ones we have at home as well. I was shopping for senior pictures and Francesca’s quickly became one of my fav stores. I’ve always been a fan but I seemed to score big time this time around. Also their home decor?? Uh, ADORABLE?! I can’t wait to shop around there when I move into my new home this fall!

If you haven’t been reading long, I am on my school’s dance team, speech team, newspaper staff, and student board SO life gets a little crazy during the school year, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. It keeps me busy and I am a routine lovin’ gal. What about you? Do you prefer a tight schedule or time to do whatever you please?

Hope you soak up those last rays of summer sun before we all hit the books for the school year!

xoxo, Ally

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