friday finds 8/7/15


1)movie junkie and wanna know every possible date night showing for the next few years? sony has gotcha covered in THIS Huffington Post article.

2)ever wonder how fashion bloggers can afford all that sassy, fun, fashionable, (and expensive) clothing? read THIS to find out about bloggers bringing in the bank

3)okay so I’m a huge mexican food junkie, and an even bigger junkie for anything i can dip chips in, so THIS strawberry salsa is calling my name

4) check out my blogging besties blog just because I love Claire so very much!

5) I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned how seriously obsessed I am with Amber’s blog The Barefoot Blonde. I’ve followed on her on Insta loving on all of her pics of her adorable baby but her blog thew me over the edge with cuteness!

6) check out my back to school necessity list because it’s comin sooner than we all think!

7) because i have zero doubt in my mind I’m gonna need this list the first week of senior year…

8) I have a golden named Bunny and I love her so, but the pup is lazy. I found this list of activities to do in the winter seasons with your furry friend (or all year round if she’s just lazy like mine)

9) When do you go back to school and what are some necessities you have in your backpack? Leave a comment or drop me an email and let me know!

10) Happy Friday!

xoxo, Ally


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