Friday Finds 7/10/15


1. I made a Q&A site so if you’re ever dyeing to know where I got my shoes in an Insta or just wanna chat, check me out here! 

2. i’ve been head over heels in love with tassels lately and am really wanting to try THIS diy, hopefully I can pull this off even though it looks fairly simple..

 3. looking for some new wallpaper to spice up your device? check out this link for lots of fun prints and patterns!

4. if you’re a news lover and constantly want to stay up to date but never think you have the time, subscribe to The Newsette NOW! I get an email to my inbox every morning with the latest news keeping me #hip and #cool, but honestly, it’s so much fun and I’m obsessed. did I mention it’s FREE?

5. I love me some smoothies, and I love me some chocolate….but being healthy has to be thrown in there somewhere. Check out GimmeSomeOven’s Healthy Green Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie for the perfect compromise!

6. 12 things Reese Witherspoon can’t live without because we all need a little dose of Elle Woods inspo in our lives

7. have you ever seen Evelyn Henson’s “monthly to-do lists?” they’re the cutest wallpaper and also real life inspiration to get up and make the most of each month!

8. because my all time favorite blogger deserves a shoutout: Hey Amy! 🙂

9. GAP is having a huge sale right now and how stinkin cute is this jumper?! brb while i head on over and snatch it right now…

10. tell me what your’e loving! drop a comment or send an email to me over at

xoxo, Ally

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.33.00 AM


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