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hey there friends! I’m striving to get a steady system of posts down here on the blog so more often than not expect: posts: Monday/Wednesday/Friday with an instal-lately on Saturday! Onto those Insta loves!

my birks have been my go-to shoe for just about every outfit imaginable in the summer. I love this style and you can get the same ones right here

4th of July was a week ago but my family is still just a little sparkler crazy. Anyone else have a little love in their heart for some smoke bombs, especially pink ones? because this girl sure does!

my new bedspread is the love of my life. I got it from PBTeen and it seriously makes me feel so much more productive. (if a bedspread can be productive…) I paired it with some navy striped sheets and my aesthetically appealed heart is pleased beyond belief.

My soon-to-be newspaper staff for my school friends and i attended a local “Jazz on the Green” for free in a park this past Thursday. We made a picnic out of it and it was so much fun. I got a henna and it is so much summer fun lemme tell ya!

Hope you have a fab weekend!

xoxo, Ally

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