Summer Cleanse

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we’ve all been stuck in the summer rut before. needing a fab tan and wanting to look good in our vacay pics, loathing over those summer instagrams of fresh fruit and smoothies but craving some warm chocolate chip cookies and pizza instead… been there done that. like last night. no lie, i was craving chocolate chip cookies and may have made them only to take an instagram of them only for them to come out burnt and way too not-insta worthy. Summer months can make us feel semi-sickly with all the humidity and energy being soaked up solely from spending time out in the sun! here are some of my tips and tricks to simply just get you out of that rut:

1// steam it off: whether this be a walk around your neighborhood with your furry friend on a sunny day, or lounging in a warm bubble bath after a long day of living your life. sweat detoxes the body like no other and leaves all the nasty stuff behind and gets you feeling rejuvenated without really much work for you at win I might say.

2// hydrate up: when I am feeling extra sluggish i strive to stay away from my morning cup of coffee, even though this may be the opposite of what you would expect. reaching for that latte instead of a class of cold water can leave you feeling great for a bit, but run down later in the day. grab a fun water bottle and throw in some fresh fruit to mix it up and get yourself wanting to drink some h2o!

3//don’t forget to indulge: grabbing that quick piece of chocolate your sweet tooth has been calling out for its totally a-okay. especially if you op for a healthier choice like dark chocolate (which happens to be my ultimate fav)! not only does this satisfy your sweet tooth, but it gets the craving away instead of making it grow larger to where you really binge later in the day!

4// stay away from carbs and head towards the fruit: carbs make you feel sluggish and lack energy you need later in the day if you aren’t doing tons of physical activity. although i love me some bread, heading towards the fresh fruit at your local grocery store can make you feel so much more refreshed and give you that sweet craving you’re looking for. plus, tell me a better summer pair than poolside tanning and watermelon? nothing.

Hope these tips help you to keep yourself energized and ready for fun this summer!

XO, Ally

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