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Happy weekend mis amigos! Spring is continuously making me happy and I’ve been searching the depths of Pinterest for the happiest spring tidbits! Although not all of them have to do with sunshine considering Nebraska weather is being quite moody lately with snow one day and 75 degrees the next…not complaining just curious. The rain has been oh so nice in the mornings because dark and rainy drives to school are my favorite thing in the world. throw in some John Mayer and *heart eyes emoji*! enough rambling and onto the good stuff:

Lemon Cake// Oh my oh my. I’m not a huge sweet tooth but gimme any type of fruity dessert and I’m all over it. Lemon has to be one of my favorite dessert flavors and this recipe looks heavenly

Hair Secret// I have pretty naturally wavy hair but I curl it pretty often when dressing up. I have both a curling wand and curling iron but do I whatsoever know the difference or which to use when? Ha! no. I can pretend I do all I want but it’s a 100% “uhh let’s just use this one today” type of decision! This post was mind-blowing to me and will totally be something to keep in mind from now on!

green dranks// so I’m not the HEALTHIEST gal considering girl scout cookies and popcorn are my best friends but I’m all about sneaking in greens when I can. My household is filled with big smoothie people so we LOVE to throw in spinach when possible (and when the little bro doesn’t notice). This recipe for a peanut butter chocolate green smoothie is filled with stuff you already have at home so try it out!

more dranks// spring warm weather means soon comes summer which means bring on the pool. these fruit infused detox waters are perfect to prepare or to get rid of the case of the sniffles I’m currently suffering from.

happy art// this free printable just makes me smile

Hope you enjoy these links as much as I do! Have a happy rest of your day!

xoxo, Allison

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