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HELLO FRIENDS! Sorry about the insanely long absence of myself on this blog, it’s been a crazy few weeks. BUT I come back with an exciting announcement for you all! I got to get in contact and email with my blog idol (she’s pretty stinkin cool I promise) and do a little interview with her and ask her a few questions for my page! So let’s hop right into it!

1. How did you know you wanted to start a blog? Honestly, I didn’t. I barely even knew what a blog was when my best friend told me she wanted to make one, and so I did too as a little friendly competition just because I thought it would be fun. This was back in eighth grade, and I’ve been loving it since! I honestly never thought it would last more than a week, but I’m so glad it has 😉
2. What tips do you give for new bloggers? Be original, consistent, and creative. 
3. Favorite fashion trends at the moment? Chic sneakers and skinny jeans. I’m all for simplistic ensembles!
4. Favorite hobbies that don’t include bloggingUhh… Devouring chocolate! Also, shopping obviously, exploring (I spend a lot of my Saturday afternoons exploring downtown), running, playing field hockey, just doing things with friends!
5. Do you see yourself blogging in the future? Yes. I’m probably going to head down some sort of different path with my blog in the future but I think the core of what I do now will still remain- at least I hope!
6. Why do you blog? This is a good question! I blog partly because I spend way too much time shopping online and this is a good excuse for saying I’m being productive (kind of kidding, not really), but in all seriousness, I blog because I absolutely love it. I love the ambiance and environment of sharing what I’m into, what I’m loving, what I’m doing, etc. in a way that I can learn more about others and the fashion and business industries and chronicle my life to look back on, too. It’s just a really cool big learning experience everyday.
7. tips on the perfect insta? Oooh.. tough. Here’s a post on how I edit my pictures, but when it comes to taking them I would say just try to stick to certain elements or colors that will compile your feed and go from there! You might notice on my feed, I tend to stick to blues!
So there is a few words from the snazziest blogger gal I know! Go check out here blog (here) and let me know whatcha think! Thanks Frannie for the interview! Have a relaxing weekend, summer is almost here!
xoxo, Allison
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