work hard work harder


I’ll say it a billion times. Junior year is a work of art. One day you think you’ve got it all under control and then the next night you remember that the night before when you were watching Gossip Girl for hours on end you should’ve been working ahead for something you’re now cramming on. been there. done that. plenty. of. times. (and plenty more to come I’m sure)

 I’m a complete master of over-booking myself but being an oldest child it comes naturally. I have the type of personality where if something needs to get done I’m gonna be the one to get it done by myself right away without help and call it good. do it my own route. Which is where the whole over-booking thing comes into play as a little bit of  a detour. I’m a 100% perfectionist and try my hardest to give about 130% into everything i do. which can be really pretty difficult when I’m trying to put that much effort into 500 different activities, let alone school work, ha.

We live in a society where it’s school club meeting before school, during school you’re focused on getting into good colleges and doing things that improve yourself, after school you’re off to more activities and sleeping/eating/exercising should probably fit in there somewhere. Not to mention having a job and saving up for that fun money sucking place we so deem as college. Being focused on all of these bigger picture items makes my Spanish homework pretty far down on my priorities list (#sorrysenora).

Now I’m currently typing this when I SHOULD probably be studying but hey what’s the fun of it without a little irony. Not really quite sure where this is headed but over-book yourself, have fun, dream big, and accomplish those. No matter how stressed or cram packed your nights may seem, take a look at the bigger picture. I found myself doing this a few minutes ago while i was in the midst of a toughie math problem which I had spent about 35 minutes on when I realized…its 1 problem. 1 problem that right now means the world to me but flash forward 5 years and i betcha i won’t even remember how to do that kind of math. (i wanna be a kindergarten teacher i’m praying numbers up to 100 are all I’m gonna need) Don’t forget that although working hard is a must, don’t forget what you’re working hard for. For me it’s happiness in my success. and success doesn’t have to be an A in every subject. Maybe it means a grade i worked hard for that gets me into college to where I can pursue my dreams. so work, pursue, thrive.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 8.04.51 PM

have a good good good night and happy Friday eve!

xoxo, Allison

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