weekly whirlwind {march 8, 2015}

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wow one less hour of sleep does somethin’ to ya. (okay let’s be honest i just slept in until 11 instead of 10 i’m not fooling anyone) but hey, any excuse to blog in pajamas and have an extra cup of coffee is an excuse I’m highly willing to accept. I haven’t sat down and updated you on my whirlwind of a life in forever so here are some updates of what i’ve been up to behind the blog:

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last weekend my speech team and I traveled down to Lincoln for a meet and came home with two of our girls as national qualifiers (including the cutie Jenna pictured above). I love this team more than life and the giggles and dance parties in between rounds are my favorite things in the world. so congrats to Jenna and Claire and so much love for districts this Saturday! *fingers crossed*

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I was born a Jayhawk and I’ll never be upset about that. My dad attended KU back when he was in college and our family has been seeing crimson and blue as the best color combo ever since. Tuesday my family was able to pull my siblings and I out of school for a little pre-spring break (except it’s just as cold in Kansas as it is in Nebraska don’t be too jealous). We headed down to Lawrence and had the time of our lives raiding the bookstore and cheering like no other at the basketball game (11th Big 12 Title was a win, like there was any other choice though).  Also if you’re ever in Lawrence take a pitstop at Muncher’s Bakery and grab a cream cheese donut or two, you won’t regret it. I loved KU and can’t wait to possibly be a future Jayhawk in a few years. Rock Chalk.

hm, what else. i’ve been obsessed with coffee and have over worn my vests, oh so nothing new. I am TOO excited for spring break and all of the fun and warm weather to come with it! IT IS CURRENTLY SUNNY AND ABOVE FREEZING IN OMAHA SO PLEASE GO OUTSIDE PLEASE. Hope you have just as many adventures as I do and that you love every single one of them!

hope your week is filled with sunshine and lots of sprinkles!

xoxo, Allison

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