did someone say starbucks?

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well do I have a happy Monday treat for you guys!! okay well maybe not from me but from all of our favorite source for caffeine and overpriced coffee that we all buy anyways…(guilty on so many levels) anyways here is a treat that is sure to cute some of your Monday blues:


(could two words sound more beautiful together than those do? i just don’t think so..)

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 7.50.36 AM

if you aren’t already a Starbucks member here is your real excuse to become one. also it’s free and is super convenient and ally says you need to be so there is your other excuse. Just hop on over to the app store and download the Starbucks app and create an account, it’s free and very worth it considering free birthday drinks are one of the many perks. you can download your gift cards onto the app so you have Starbucks $$ on you at all times (dangerous i know) or you can log your credit card in as well for constant Starbucks $$ (way too dangerous for me). if you go the gift card route you can make sure you aren’t spending too much, and if you’re like me from time to time you;ll just reward yourself for making it through a day of school and throw the barista a $5 and casually load that onto your phone before purchasing a pick-me-up solely for the rewards. every purchase you make is a “star” in your account and once you reach a certain number you’re “Green Level” and then onto “Gold Level” (it’s a beautiful thing) moral of the story you get free refills on brewed coffee and tea while in the store so that in itself is worth it. plus every so many purchases you get a free drink so there is that as well. oh and these rewards I’m about to spill to you.

so here is the fun part:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 7.50.25 AM

that’s right, every monday of march starbucks is being super nice to us all and giving all members these deals BETWEEN 2-5 PM which totally rocks of them. like don’t you doubt i’ll be taking advantage of every single one of these crazy cool deals, starting today. 30% off my prized vanilla bean frap with a shot of espresso? make that a venti.

hope your monday is filled to the brim with happiness and that your coffee cup (30% coffee cup) adds to that happy.

xo, Allison

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.33.00 AM


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