for the love of caffeine

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so the amount of times i’ve been confronted about what i get from Starbucks is starting to get absolutely insane. but don’t worry i secretly adore it because giving the gift of delicious coffee and yummy drink secrets has to be one of the best gifts to give. now its no secret I’m a coffee addict and have mastered my Starbucks orders by now depending on my mood, the season, ect. so here are all of my tips and tricks in one place for you to look back to next time you’re in need of some coffee counseling 🙂

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Pumpkin Pie in a Cup:

i prefer this stuff in the fall and have never tried getting it any other time but i imagine it’s just as delightful. just get an “Oprah Chai Tea Latte” with two pumps of pumpkin spice and it’s the amazingness of the pumpkin spice latte with an extra kick of cream and flavor from the chai and it’s all around fantastic

Girl Scout Cookie Lover

so if you’re like me and a huge (huge) fan of carmel delites from the always appreciated Girl Scout community you’ll love this one. You can get it warm or iced but just get a plain brewed coffee (your roast and size are up to you, i prefer medium) and get two pumps of carmel and ask for coconut milk as well, it’s to die for

The Classic

“vanilla iced coffee skim milk light on the ice”

rolls off my tongue every other day in the summer and it’s my forever and always go-to pick me up

Vanilla Treat

for those days when all you need is a really over priced (but really freakin good) frappuccino (yes, those days happen) my favorite thing in the world is a simple and plain vanilla bean frappuccino with a shot of espresso. perfectly simple but still getting your extra kick of happy coffee in your day. i LOVE this. and never skip on the whip. that’s cheating.

Tea Time

for those days where caffeine isn’t needed but a refresh is, this is my savior. Very Berry Refresher with a shot of lemonade. make sure to ask for light on the ice because you want a ton of this berry good goodness, so a venti may be the solution. this stuff reminds me so much of summer and the real fresh berries in the drink add even more yum

vanilla latte

i can’t honestly give this underestimated drink enough praise so please just try this once in your life and thank me later

well there you have it friends; my coffee loves and obsessions! hope you can try one of them next time you’re in the mood for some fab coffee (always) also i found this hilarious and way too accurate “What Does Your Starbucks Order” say about you quiz so check it out here!

sending lots of love and whipped cream topped lattes your way!

xoxo, Allison

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