boxes on boxes on boxes

i hate moving. a whole stinkin’ lot. i don’t HATE a lot of things. i dislike a few: meatloaf, sleeping without socks, when starbucks claims they’re out of whipped cream. but after these past few months i’ve decided one thing i hate has got to be moving. my family is moving from our home on December 27 and I’m not super thrilled. the whole “think of it as an adventure” speech has been given to me plenty and i’m just not quite buying it. 3 paper cuts on moving boxes and being forced to throw away things i swore i needed (birthday cards from my 11th birthday and 3rd grade report cards apparently aren’t worthy of the keep pile) and i’m done.

simple things like quick pit-stops to Starbucks with my sister on Goodwill drop-off runs and being able to re-organize my room in this new house are keepin’ me sane.

–fun facts with ally: if there is such thing as obsessive compulsive room organization disorder, i for sure am self-diagnosed with it. actually though, i can’t focus if my room is even slightly messy. those people who can live with a messy room (talkin’ bout you andie) i do not know how you do it. if there is a sock in the middle of my floor while i am trying to sleep i will force myself out of the covers to put it away in order to fall asleep. it’s sort of a problem. BUT the fun side of it is holy crap shopping for room decorations and organization shiz is too much fun.

alright enough of my little room rants and on to some quick fun.

although moving may be rougher than rough, luckily sweet dominic is just the opposite. the day his finals got done i wasn’t feeling too great and moving was getting the best of me so he decided to surprise me while i was practically still in my pajamas (pajamas @ 11:30 are totally acceptable on winter break, btw.) with a few of my favorite things: blueberry oatmeal from Starbucks, hot chocolate, and my Christmas presents just a little early. it made the whole day ten times better and he stayed to help me pack for a little while too. i was really spoiled with LUSH items that I’m super excited to use over break, thank you so much if you’re reading this (i know you are)

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 9.49.25 AM

well there is the life of ally lately, as crazy as it tends to be. send some love my way and as many positive moving vibes (i’m gonna act like those are a thing) as you can.

sending lots of virtual hot cocoa filled to the top with marshmallows your way. have an extra merry holiday week!




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