gifts for you all {christmas insights}

If you haven’t heard billions of people say it, seen it a thousand times in your Twitter feed, or heard it on the radio a bajillion times, Christmas time is the BEST time of the year. People are happier, stores are prettier, and the food is well, fantastic. During the Christmas season i will admit i fall into the trance of winter wonderland happiness (even if that means purchasing every christmas related item ever) and find myself being happier than any other time of the year. which sure, sounds great until the christmas season is over and you’re left with a hecka lot of used wrapping paper and don’t have the heart to actually put away your gifts. (*please say i’m not the only one who lays out her presents all pretty for a good week before forcing myself to put them to use…)

I’ve realized this year that maybe Christmas time isn’t the only time we can spread so much cheer, to others, and ourselves. I like to think these past few months I’ve finally captured my true mantra. my motto. my ‘words of wisdom’ if you will. and although sprinkles, sparkles, and sass may be my short and sweet version, it’s truly so much more. so, as the littlest Christmas present i can offer to you:

wake up early, drink as much coffee (or as little) as you want, keep your priorities straight, always and always keep your head up, do well, live well, eat well, dress really well, do what you love, love what you do, pick the cupcake (or donut, or cookie) with the most sprinkles (it’s worth it), frosting is your friend AND food, eat veggies: lots and often, be super silly because it’s really fun, laugh a whole lot, love God and know that he loves you, grocery shopping is therapeutic, yoga can be fun (even if you fall over a lot, a lot.), make sure your best friends know they’re your best friends, hug your mom every day, attempt to use chopsticks if given the chance (fail if necessary), study hard and succeed, if you don’t succeed it’s okay, but try again, take a lot of pictures of anything and everything (even if it means looking like a fool instagram-ing your lunch),  buy the shoes even if you’ll only wear them once, don’t be afraid of people: they’re just people. love others, love yourself, love, love, love.

most of all: do you. and love it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 3.04.05 PM

merry merry merry christmas to all of you, may it be filled with happy hearts and your favorite gifts from your favorite people (ps santa? pj sets. thanks.) i hope to be updating you on Christmas adventures as much as I can. if you have any love for these or any of my posts, or just wanna chat hit me up at:

love you all so so much.

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