I survived this semester?

yeah I’m wondering how it happened just as much are you are…

not sure how in the world it is already halfway through December considering I’m pretty positive it was just August like a week ago. I finished my finals today and no one died or vomited and only a few tears were shed. 246 notecards, way too many cups of coffee, and and a whole lot of google translate later I made it through. finals can be rough on anyone but thankfully by my junior year i sort of (sort of.) know the ropes and like to think i have my routine down pretty nicely. so here are some of the things that got me through this semester and probably will get me through the rest of my life without going TOO insane.

baking// alright I’ve always known my mom would one day be right when she says I would do everything the way she does it now but I never knew that day would come so darn quick. needless to say, here i am relieving my stress in the kitchen as i’ve watched her do my whole life. my creations aren’t quite as tasty as hers (yet, don’t worry mom I’ll catch up) aaandd i admit a few of the treats may contain the words: “boxed cake mix” but hey, a cupcake is a cupcake am i right? and i must say i don’t think my family has minded the random muffins, cupcakes, and cookies constantly on our counter. (below you’ll see evidence of me yet again giving in to target…it’s a problem i’m perfectly ok with)

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 5.10.14 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-17 at 5.09.51 PM

my agenda// i got my first Lilly Pulitzer agenda the summer before sophomore year from my grandma for my birthday and fell in love with it enough to get one again this year before heading back to school. nothing keeps me doing my homework like getting to write it down in a really cute agenda. organization is one thing but feeling organized is half the act

alone time// wowza this stuff rocks and where in the world have after school naps been my whole life? seriously though, having my own time to do whatever i want, whether that be blog or bake or cuddle with my favorite pup, i’ve found out i need this time to myself and allowing myself to have it has made such a difference in my mood this semester. so that paper due in 24 hours or that spanish play you have to memorize (don’t get me started) can wait. and i promise you’ll be a whole lot more motivated to work on them once you’ve had you puppy snuggles in for the day. like c’mon.


coffee// ok you all knew this was coming. there is nothing, nothing, coffee can’t fix. truly thankful i forced myself to like it last year and now loving it isn’t even slightly forced. falling asleep is ten times more exciting when you know you get to wake up to a vanilla latte. (alright, it sounds a lot more sad that i have that mentality when i type it out)

sweet sweet friends// luckily this semester was full of reminders of why my friends rock. one of my favs was rockin’ Laura who is on dance team with me was THE BEST secret santa in the world. literally. i have not left the blanket she made me alone since i got it, you rock LT.

well here’s to break, and to more semesters to come filled with lots of coffee and lots more finals. hope your break starts off perfectly.

ALSO!!!! if you have any comments, questions or anything really..feel free to hit up xoxoallisonnicole@gmail.com because i’m REALLY EXCITED to talk to you all!




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