the big why

If there is one thing I fully admit to being utterly awful at, it’s hiding my emotions. If the shirt you see me in was my 3rd one of the day because the first TWO got coffee stains (guilty, and also guilty to proudly wearing the coffee stains all day on lazy occasions…ooops..#sorrykindasorryon them, you’ll be able to tell by the scowl on my face. OR if there happened to be consistent solid jams on the way to school that morning (T. Swift you’re the homie) you’ll see my joyous self beaming the rest of the day. I’m pretty much an open book when it comes to my feelings and opinions, so starting this blog was one of the coolest and almost *easiest (we’ll get to the side note later) things I’ve done.

if you were to give me a dollar for the amount of times the words, “is it scary?” have come out of peoples mouths I would buy you all rockin’ Christmas presents.

to answer the FAQ’s short and sweetly: terrifying.

***there ya go. putting posts out there is one of the easiest things in the world because writing is straight up fun to me, and i love being able to put my love into words. having other people read it..not so easy. I have been guilty of walking into a class and seeing at least 3 people reading it on their iPads and just wanting to walk straight back into the hallway to avoid questions.

terrifying in the most satisfying way. mainly because the second most asked question is “why did you start blogging?” and I usually don’t play favorites, but I’ve gotta admit, answering this one is pretty up there on my favorites list, but I have yet to verbally answer with a statement I’m truly proud of considering “i like to write a lot” and “it makes me happy” have been my go-to answers so far.

answerto sum up how insanely great life is. cheesy, I know. but in all honesty, i couldn’t be more happy with my reasoning. I’ve got some of the greatest friends life has to offer, a stellar family, and have been blessed with the opportunity to this year come to the realization of how to view life in which every day is a chance to make something really cool happen. sitting back and realizing that getting to tell my stories of little things that make me happy and facts about my day or my favorite foods just may be my part in making someone’s day. I blog to make things sparkle (or at least write about sparkly things) and to make people smile.

If I lived in a perfect world I would wake up every morning from my cozy bed in my loft in NYC with my best friend in my matching pj’s, devour my breakfast of warm eggs and avocado toast and slowly sip on the world’s best vanilla latte all while blogging about the crazy cool happenings in New York. meanwhile. Omaha is pretty neat, and I live each day in my one pair of matching pajamas (I would wear them everywhere if i could) and drink what I like to think is a pretty darn perfect vanilla latte, okay. Vanilla Kuerig cup with milk and whipped cream if I’m loose on time, but basically the same thing. and blog about the neat friends, amazing family, and sparkly goodies my little world has to offer, and I’m very alright with it.

so to all the people who stop me in the halls and tell me this blog makes them smile or tell me they get excited to see a link to my blog on Twitter, you. rock. so. much. honestly i peed a little the first time someone told me that. (jk. maybe.) but no kidding, you all mean the world to me, and honestly even the people that say they liked a certain thing i wrote about or a quote made them smile is the most amazing feeling. glad i could make your hearts happy.

so have fun, be free, and take time to love everything. because life moves really fast. smile at everything, laugh at everything, be happy with everything. and do you, because it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 8.43.55 PM

you all rock beyond words.

xoxo, Allison


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