a week in the life

Hello Friends! Hope your holiday week was filled with good food and great friends, I know mine was. To catch up on the week here are a few tidbits I’ve been up to.

EATING// Potbelly sandwich shop. (now located in Omaha at 120th and Blondo) I was able to catch a lunch date with my dad on my day off school today and try it for the first time and it’s ah-mazing.I snagged a grilled chicken and cheddar sandwich and some broccoli and cheddar soup and it was very satisfying to say the least. They’ve got soups, salads, and sandwiches with a few smoothies and shakes to top it off. Stop on by and be amazed.
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.36.23 PM

WEARING// matching pajama sets. alright call me a 6 year old on Christmas morning but I can’t get enough of these. i bought my first pair from Target when all of their clothing was 50% for Black Friday and i already want to go back for more. (I’m constraining myself considering Christmas is around the corner) Seriously nothing makes me feel like my life is put together like ending the day in matching pajamas (usually complete with fuzzy socks


LOVING// Christmas EVERYTHING. okay this shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you if you even slightly know me, but Christmas is straight up my spirit animal. Eloise at the plaza during Christmas time and I are one in the same, really. I took a free day off school today and hit up Target (it’s a gold mine) to snatch up some Secret Santa goodies and walked away with more than enough. Seriously a walk through the Christmas aisles is just asking for trouble if you give into cute shaped candy and every flavor possible of hot chocolate. (guilty)

FEELING// motivated. the days are numbered until Christmas break and that means the stress of finals is upon us. it can be a scary thing, but just taking it one day at a time and thinking about your little tasks instead of the big picture can make things go A LOT smoother

OTHER HAPPENINGS// Dominic came over the other day just to hang out and my Christmas fever got the best of both of us and Christmas shaped cookies were in the oven within minutes of him walking through the door. Baking tends to be our thing when he comes over but I don’t mind because the leftovers are usually left for me to devour when he leaves. (don’t tell him that or he’ll want in) 



And there you have it, just another week in the life of me! Hope your week is full of smiles and sparkles. Just 24 days left until Christmas! 

xoxo, Allison





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