bunches of thanks | happy turkey day

Writing this post cozied up in my warm bed watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade while Pinterest-ing and texting my sweet friends and currently couldn’t feel more blessed.

Thanksgiving is possibly my favorite holiday. Minus my mom’s killer chocolate chip molasses cookies and my grandma’s apple cider and green bean casserole, the day has always been filled with my non-food related favorite things like my amazing friends and family.

to single out a few things I’m thankful for:

my mommy// thank you for acting like I know what I’m doing with my life sometimes, and letting me know when I’m off track. she’s the coolest mom I know and my favorite memory with her is our little mini getaway to SanDiego a few spring breaks ago. thank you for letting me live my dreams and encouraging them in every way possible, love you so very much

photo 3

cream cheese donuts// found at the one and only Muchers Bakery located in Lawrence, KS and possibly the most delicious edible treat in all of Kansas. Worth the stop while you’re in the area, and even better with chocolate milk.


snail mail// nothin’ beats getting letters in the mail and nothing beats letters in the mail more than letters from your best friends. Sweet Maddie moved down to Lincoln this summer and after becoming friends through dance we decided snail mail would be a fun form of catching up. boy is that true. coming home from school and seeing her cute mail waiting for me makes my day. (your letter is on the way gf!)

my biggest fan and super hero (also known as my dad)// no one pulls off acting like sitting though hours of dance recitals is fun quite like this guy and I couldn’t appreciate it more. my dad has been my hero for my whole life and pushes me to work hard in all I do. love him and his crimson and blue heart a whole lot (pictured below is my proudest Father’s day gift yet)


Lush// alrighty if you haven’t experience Lush here ya go http://www.lushusa.com click it right now I dare you. And if you haven’t been inside a store PLEASE take a visit next time you’re in a huge shopping area (my christmas wish is that a Lush soon comes to Omaha) These bath goodies are heaven sent and worth a buy. (and high on my Christmas list hint hint)

to name a few more: apple pie, J. Crew socks, my sweet puppy, fuzzy blankets and dreams of NYC

Most of all I’m thankful for all of you. Thank you for being here, reading this. Thank you for supporting me and smiling along with me as I live what seems like a dream. It’s pretty ordinary but pretty special. Thanks for sharing in the sprinkles, sparkles and sass, it means more than you know.

So have a happy Thanksgiving friends, share it with the people you love, and save me a piece of pie.

xoxo, Allison

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