mid-vacay update


Hey friends! Greetings from upstate NY!

I don’t have a real “topic” or anything for today’s post, but simply wanted to stop by and say hey and thank you for all the love + support that I got last week posting my first vlog! I had tons of fun filming it and can’t wait to put up some more for you all soon! I am in the works of finding a vlogging camera that is slightly more *high tec* than my iPhone, lol. Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Also wanted to hop on here to talk about what I am up to this week! My little brother is 12 years old and has a baseball tournament at the Dreams Park in Cooperstown, NY! They’re currently ranked 38th in the whole thing so fingers crossed for some good luck, real tournament play starts today! We got into Cooperstown on Saturday night after exploring even further upstate in Saratoga Springs with my friend from school at her house! It happened to be opening day at the races and so we dressed up and headed out to watch a few. Truly was so much fun and I’d love to go again in the future! We explored downtown Saratoga that night and hit up a Mexican place for din, wasn’t complaining at ALL about that one! The next morning we headed out to their lake house on Canada Lake which was beyond gorgeous. I will forever be a lake>beach girl and that little day trip completely confirmed why. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the skylines of mountains of trees while out on the water.

My cousin Sammy gets here Friday and we will be off to NYC then! I am BEYOND excited and would love love love any recommendations of food places to xoxoallisonnicole@gmail.com ! Also, as always, you’re more than welcome to hit up my email to chat or discuss anything and everything!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally


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