April loves

Okay so it’s 8 days into May and this is just getting up…like my brain currently and my life considering I leave KU tomorrow and my packing has consisted of not doing my laundry for a good few weeks now…everything has been a liiiiiittle chaotic lately. Welcome to April / May in college life. I still have been loving far too many things to not get this up though, so better late than never right?! (my life motto honestly, fashionably late are probably the two best words to describe me…always!)


Eating // Croissants. Oh. Boy. Like, tons of them. They’ve always been a favorite treat of mine but lately, I have had literally multiple a week and have actually started to get somewhat picky about them and their quality. Diva? Maybe. Worth it? Absolutely.

Listening to // Mean Girls is on Broadway now and ever since friends and I did it as a speech my senior year (yes I do have every one of Cady Heron’s lines memorized) I have had such a bigger appreciation for it. I am already on the hunt for tickets for when I go to NYC this summer but the few songs that are already out…SO. GOOD.

Reading // The Every Girl, as always. Seriously my go-to for when I am stressed out and need a non brain busting thing to read but still want to stimulate myself. This article is basically what everyone screams at me 24/7 and now that it’s in online writing maybe I’ll even be convinced to listen…maybe?

Sippin // Arnold Palmer season is back in my mind and therefore my green tea lemonade spin on it from Starbucks is as well. My all-time favorite and I am not sure anything will ever top it!

Wearing // always. always. always. the most classic!

Day Dreaming // How E X C I T E D I am for my big girl internship this summer! Basically, this is like the coolest thing to happen to me since meeting Hoodie Allen so, be prepared for lots of little exciting updates. Already planning my outfits. Okay, maybe I’ve been planning those for a while! Lol, who is surprised.

Until next time, xoxo, Ally





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