April Updates

Talk. About. Time. Flying.

I know this ALWAYS is the case with spring semesters, but I feel like this one has flown by even more than most I have experienced. Even though I have a bunch of fun things lined up for this summer including a big girl internship back at my high school, spending too much time where I work in the evenings with my favorite coworkers and favorite foods, and spending 2 whole weeks in New York starting late July, I am still not ready to leave Lawrence in just 3 weeks.

I compiled some snaps from some of the fun I’ve been up to lately, but in all honesty, it’s been a whole lot of school and a whole lot of Panhellenic duties. Which don’t get me wrong, I love both a WHOLE lot and am having a ton of fun preparing myself for future endeavors, whether that be in the classroom or the big city social world.

Here’s just a few of the happenings lately:


BIG LIL REVEAL: I’d be lying if I said we weren’t the same exact person with the same exact humor and food cravings 24/7. Also she used to work at JCrew and I think that’s when we became soulmates after I would pick her up wearing something that she would mention was already in her closet.  Also, she just REALLY likes carrots, I don’t get it either, but I will admit I’ve been snacking on them more since spending time with her.


ON CAMPUS COFFEE STOP: Lately never caught without a macchiato in hand these days…oops! Also never caught with a loaded bank account after this place opened…double oops!


THE GO-TO FIT LATELY: THE WEATHER has not been helping my habit of living in comfy neutrals. Which is all fun and games, but the spring and summer colors are about to be wayyyyy more fun. In the meantime, living in Athleta doesn’t exactly make me unhappy one bit.


OH BLONDE BABY: I’ve been having FAR too much fun with the slightly blonder pieces in the mane. Much needed after how dead my hair was (I brush it mom, sometimes, I swear) and I’m so glad I just let her have some fun


LOADED FRIES PHILO EVENT: One thing I LOVE about each and every member of my chapter is how willing they are to dress up a t-shirt at any given chance. Never not inspired by their fashion sense 24/7



COFFEE & CROISSANTS: Brenna and I did some major people watching and coffee sipping Saturday morning for a little over an hour and it was the absolute best way to start a weekend. Not to mention we are both croissant enthusiasts and I HAD to introduce her to what I like to claim are the best ones Lawrence has to offer. I also like to claim after this experience, she completely agrees.



WOW: Had to save this beauty for the last picture to end on the highest note possible. I may have had the genius croissant idea but Brenna was way too smart about this one. Margherita pizza with goat cheese and an egg (add egg!) and wow. I truly don’t think we spoke to each other, just sat there and devoured the thing for a good ten minutes. Already planning our next plan we get to meet this pizza again.




Lastly, because I love sharing things I love with all of you so you can love them too, here are a few things from The Everygirl (have I ever mentioned how I can’t go a day without reading their articles…) for you to browse and get some nuggets of wisdom from as well:

How to Communicate Better In A Relationship

How to Get Out of A Slump (boy do I need this one sometimes)

Making Your Space Photo Worthy (as a blogger, I so feel this one, and here’s a fair warning to whoever will be sharing a home with me one day, read up and prepare 😉

Improving Your Relationship by the End of The Day

Hope you enjoyed catching up and seeing a little bit of what I have been up to lately! As always, dream big work hard be kind have fun!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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