links i’m lovin’ 11/17/17


It has been the potentially busiest week of my sophomore year so far and I am in MUCH need of a weekend, so thankfully I am in luck! I had about 20 minutes of rest before class this morning to just sit and listen to Christmas music and read a bit of Harry Potter (I am forcing myself to restart the series and am in love all over again.) Anyone else never ever get a break?! Well I rounded up some links for ya in the spare time I had and you’re gonna love them:

{one} Although I will forever have a lifelong love for fleece tie blankets and never leave mine in the winter months, I can’t say I wouldn’t loooove this cozy (and cute) throw as well! Those pom poms kill me!

{two} My gift guides are in the process of being made for ya’ll, but in the meantime, I can’t help but lust over a few things on every one of Fran’s…specifically the monogrammed phone case and those darling bow gloves!!!

{three} the BEST tshirt you’ll ever own is under $20 right now and you absolutely need it in every color. A few basic colors are even under $15!!!!

{four} I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Dress.

{five} My favorite grocery store and my favorite holiday all in one. Thanksgiving is probably up there in my favorite holidays to outfit plan for, and Blair Waldorf never fails to be channeled.

{six} My Snapchat account was “compromised” yesterday and I am having the hardest time getting it back / being in contact with Snapchat!!!! Anyone else ever encounter similar issues?? SOS! My poor streaks!!!

{seven} My parents are coming into Lawrence tonight for the SDSU / KU basketball game that my dad’s coworkers got him tickets for for his birthday and I cannot wait to see them!! I haven’t seen my mom since parents weekend back in September and a liiiiittle pre-holiday post-midterm retail therapy is for sure in order!

{eight} found this article so so interesting for the average #girlboss


{ten} I have officially started turnover for KU Panhellenic as the incoming Director of Public Relations and am absolutely loving everything I am getting to learn in this position. Sooo excited about all the challenges and learning opportunities I am about to undergo. Just a lil proof and reminder that you can turn any passion or interest into a leadership/growth opportunity!

That’s all for now! I’m off to catch up with a reader (hi Abby!) to show her around KU!!!! #rcjh!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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