links I’m lovin 5/26/17


{1} Okay so I am missing Kansas a bunch already, and especially the foodie town that Lawrence AND KC both are! Unforked is one of my all-time favs and their “Hail the Kale” salad is to die for, and I am not usually one for fresh kale. I had been craving it so I googled the recipe and it is SO STINKIN’ easy, you’ve gotta try!!!

{2} I am all about anything “Girl Boss” associated, so this post is PERFECT

{3} I am SOO into the embroidery trend right now, & this under $20 top is no exception

{4} Did you read my latest life update post yet?! If not, what are you doing?! Hop to it!

{5} Ugh we are one zodiac season away from Cancer season (& my birthday!!!!!) and per Cancer usual, I am ALL in the emotional feels lately. However, I am for sure one to embrace my over-emotional self and this amazing piece for sure helped me do just that!

{6} Caroline absolutely rocks this denim jacket, which I have totally been meaning to get a new one….any good ones out there!?

{7} THIS STUFF PEOPLE. I’m serious. Gold.

{8} How PERFECT is this top for a Memorial Day BBQ?! Red, white, navy, and under $40 right now?! Sold!

{9} Tory Burch makes flip flops now?! I’ve been debating for too long on which style I like best, and I think I’ve decided on them all!!!

{10} Last but for sure not least, Happy 19th Birthday to my dear best friend Rachel!!!!! The little coffee bean that I adore to pieces and is forever going to be one of my best friends. I love you big time Rach! Everyone send lots of hugs and love her way today!

Until next time, TGIF!

xoxo, Ally


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