spring break must-do’s !

After I failed to stick to my promise of getting my pal from high school (hey Maren) a “fall to do list so I can just do everything you tell me to and have the best fall ever” I decided a spring one was well overdue! Spring is seriously my favorite season to do just about everything, whether it be outdoor adventures, trying new recipes, or hitting the shops, so it wasn’t hard to create a little list of things I want to do over my soon approaching (10 more days!!!!) spring break!

spring breakmust-do's !.jpg

Have a picnic!!!!!! I have seriously been the biggest fan of picnics my whole life. I remember during the summer when I was a little kid making my mom pack my lunch for the day for my neighborhood friends I as if I was taking it to school. You would’ve thought I was at Disney World with how stoked I was to sit in the itchy grass and eat some cut up cheese and crackers and some fruit snacks. Although my taste buds have matured a bit (but don’t get me wrong, I still totally have fruit snacks in my dorm…) I am still 100% down for bites to eat and great weather. I am absolutely ALL OVER this Trader Joe’s Picnic list that I will definitely be using while grabbing the goods!

Make a “Cookie Jar.” So if Keeping Up With the Kardashians is a guilty pleasure for you like it is for me…you’ll know what I’m talking about with cookie jars! They are seriously the most darling additions to your island for any season and I am always down for a cookie…or two or five! This video of Khloe showing you how she creates her own jars is honestly the best how-to out there, might as well learn from the pro herself, right?!

More Yoga!!! I have been going to a decent amount of yoga classes at the rec center at school, but it will feel good to go back home and be at a familiar studio for a class or two! If I don’t get around to actually making it to the rec for a class, or if I miss the class that day…7:30 am uh oh…I LOVE LOVE LOVE these videos to just do by myself.

Spring Cleaning!!! There is seriously nothing better than a freshly cleaned room and nothing makes my mind feel more sane either. My dorm stays fairly clean for the most part…minus the pile of laundry here and there…but I can’t wait to be in my bedroom back home and go through my closet and get rid of things I simply don’t wear anymore. As I have gotten older, and especially this past year, I have for sure seen my style defining itself a bit more and becoming more and more simplified…or I’m just becoming more picky…probably a healthy balance of both. Anyways, I really want to just rid my closet of clothes I don’t see defining my personal style and really sticking to a wardrobe that makes me feel like myself and happy as well!

Get Reading!!! I have been loving trying to read more, and really want to keep up with it! There is something about diving into a fiction book that truly does let you escape from reality a bit and forget about the rest of the world. I came across this list of 26 spring books for women and am hoping to get at least two crossed off the list while I am at home! Any other recommendations that aren’t on this list??

Well that’s about it in terms of broad things I really want to do this spring! I’m always open for suggestions though so feel free to leave a comment of what your big goals are or what your’e currently loving! As for now, just keep praying I can get through these last weeks of class without actually being blown away by this wind…not cute Kansas.

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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