Links I’m Lovin 1/13/17


Well hey there and welcome the first round of links of 2017!!! This week has been a whirlwind of emotions and big decisions for me and so sitting on my couch with a blanket still in my pajamas typing this post at 11:30 am was a good decision to say the least. There is a massive ice storm about to hit the exact route that takes me back to college this weekend and my parents dropped the bomb that they may be taking me back TODAY instead of MONDAY (classes start Tuesday) and thank goodness that idea somehow dissolved (I think because they want the extra weekend with me home, granted, who wouldn’t? ;)) Onto some fun:

{one} Let’s just hop right to it on the big one!! I super spur of the moment chopped 8 1/2 inches off my locks yesterday! Kinda forgot I did it when I woke up this morning tbh…! I’ve had my hair shorter before, but it has been awhile, and so many of my friends say they think it matches my personality so much more so I just went for it! (literally decided it when she asked me how much I wanted off…which is SO unlike my indecisive self, so I was pretty proud of doing something just because I wanted to!) **here’s the Pinterest image that sparked my inspo***

{two} speaking of short hair, I am so excited to try all these fun hairstyles now that I don’t have so much to work with!

{three} I got a french press for Christmas and have been in LOVE with using it in the mornings and can’t wait to make my buddies back in the dorm fresh cups! However it for sure takes a little bit of playing around in order to master the perfect brew, but this is what I have been following so far!

{four} here is simply a link to Madewell’s new arrivals page because all of the styled models are literally exact outfits that I need in my closet NOW! Also, thank goodness my hometown doesn’t have a Madewell or I would be a goner in two seconds. It’s my all time favorite guilty pleasure store when I am in KC. Plus, who doesn’t adore a place that has monogrammed leather????????

{five} But really, I think I need this shirt…

{six} Okay okay, can we discuss how my spring break wardrobe kinda wouldn’t be complete without this Lilly two-piece and then totally justify myself buying it? Awesome thanks for the support guys!

{seven} as I mentioned earlier, this week has been a whole bunch of discovery for myself, and learning that taking the scary road may take whole lot of guts and courage to begin with, but there is nothing wrong with a little 2 seconds of insane bravery and putting yourself out there in order to feel real good. Change, especially for myself, is terrifying, but sometimes change is the best thing in the world if you learn to accept it as a new adventure. check out my post from Sunday where I talked all about finding out who you are!

{eight} going off that…

{nine} and for this week’s go-to Bible quote that I’ve been hammering down with every half second of doubt: John 4:18: “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear.”

{ten} for any of you bearing that ice storm! stay safe out there! Have a happy weekend everyone and happy back to school! Let’s rock this semester!

Until next time, xoxo, Ally



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