links i’m lovin 10/29/16

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1// I’m not sure about you guys but this week absolutely FLEW by for me today! I am last super minute heading home for the weekend to catch my grandparent’s annual Halloween party, but don’t worry, will be back in full time for Monday’s real celebrations.

2// Okay so if you know me, or if you don’t, or if you’ve read like a single thing on here: I like anything sprinkled. This NYT article on Sprinkles I found from Carly’s “On My Radar” post is honestly super interesting a fun read for this Friday!

3// A Refinery 29 post on how Target has captured our hearts….as if we needed proof.

4// my Macbook is pretty darn old (okay like 4 years) + it is by no means broken, but for sure lacking its young life speed and precision it once did…any tips/ideas how to get this fixed and back to its old self???

5// Being a college student, I am in LOVE with my Keurig, so these recipes look so fun to try! I definitely wanna try the caramel macchiato one soon!

6// I have never been super into Halloween (I am a grade-a scardey cat) but my cousin and I are a year apart and are super excited about our “twinning” costumes. Here is a little hint:

7// Okay this is the MOST random thing: but I am in love with beef jerky. It’s so so so yum to me and it’s probably because I grew up with neighbors that hunted and always had the BEST homemade ones sitting out as snacks. Not that I have any clue how or when I would considering I am living in a dorm..but this recipe looks amazing. Literally drooling.

8// no words besides “want” for this sweater from Zara. (talking about Zara makes me miss NYC and shopping SO much. I may or may not have my receipts and tags on my desk back home…)

9// I have been craving a good pasta like it is my JOB lately and this one looks absolutely divine. Plus asparagus is like, totally amazing for you and totally yum. win win!

10// I am STOKED to do a few fun things to my blog this weekend while I am home and cannot WAIT to show you all when they’re done!!!!!

Happy Hallo-weekend! Stay safe and be spooky!
Until next time, xoxo,




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