Bid Day 2016

well, Lawrence KS is finally starting to feel like home. A week into college and it is finally starting to feel a little less like summer camp and a lot more like school. (which as nerdy as this is, I am SO excited for SCHOOL.) Recruitment week was full of sweaty bus rides with 4 girls to a seat, standing in LOTS of alphabetical lines, and so much hand shaking I felt like a straight celebrity. After 5 days of the most intense and sleep deprived week of my life, I found my final home away from home at Alpha Chi Omega. The process is so individual and different for everyone, but I am thrilled to find a group of girls so welcoming and genuine. Bid Day was better than Christmas, like I had heard it would be, and I am super duper in love with all the girls I have met so far!


until next time, xoxo,



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