I’ve had 7 bloody noses in the past 3 days


I would like to start this off by stating a few of the alternative options I had rolling around my noggin for titles of this post. They are as follows: “Bad Day is the new soundtrack to my life”, “I found week old coffee in my locker today & it wasn’t half awful”, and my personal favorite, “I’ve had seven bloody noses in the past three days.”

So you’re probably sitting here thinking, okay, we get it, you’ve had a rough start to the week. All honor and glory go to you Monday. To be honest, I’ve had a rough month. Rough meaning that I’m on a  constant cycle where all I seem to be doing is running from work to a meeting to school to an appointment to a class and happen to shut my eyes and shove some food in my mouth in between all of this chaos. I’m a perfectionist with self-diagnosted FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I constantly want to be in the loop with everything and have to attend every activity possible to make sure I’m constantly up to date. I stayed home from school this past Thursday because I was sick and am STILL trying to catch up. I got an excessive, and admittedly needed, amount of sleep that day, yet I still find myself feeling guilty for resting up.

God works in crazy cool ways and differently for every single one of us. For me, I like to think he uses Pinterest as my Bible. I know I know…it’s kinda weird, out there, semi-materialistic, but for someone with well over 15k pins…it’s valid. I was right in the middle of my bloody nose breakdown today during homeroom when I thought I was absolutely going to loose it. It was mentally time to call it quits and declare it the worst day in the history of worst days. However I remembered a quote I saw on Pinterest before my nostrils decided to turn into the blood spouting Niagara Falls they were at that moment in time. “Give it to God and go to sleep.” woah, thanks big guy.

The quote hasn’t left my head since and I think I’m starting to find bigger meanings behind it. Sleep, in the literal sense, definitely may mean to actually get some well-deserved shut eye. Whether your sick body is begging you to let it rest and stay home from school, or you’re up late studying and decide it’s time to call it a night. Sleep is okay. sleep, is good.

However, I think sleep can also mean to just…rest. Stop stressing, stop worrying, stop fretting. Let God and let go. Learn to understand that somethings aren’t going to work out the way you had envisioned and THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE HE DIDN’T WANT THEM TO WORK OUT THAT WAY FOR YOU. I can’t stress this enough. I am majorly still working on it myself, but tend to forget this notion when my day turns out like this one has so far. in the bigger perspective of it all, bad days are just days and life is just life. We’ve only got one, so sometimes when we are in this funk of a bad day rotation, we can’t forget to REST. rest our minds from the stress of our decisions and world problems and remember that there is SUCH a great plan lying ahead.

I think I am going to adopt a new mentality called, “bad days are just really good advertising for ice cream companies”. Because yes, bad days are bad in the moment. It sucks when you get a bad grade on a test or when the shoes that finally went on sale have every size but yours. But, just like everything life throws at us full speed ahead, bad days are SO figureoutable. So from now on, understand that there is a reason for everything, even things that seem utterly the worst.

i’m pretty sure some ice cream and a good nights rest is in order for me tonight. (or a vanilla latte and quick power nap may do just fine)

so give it to God, and get some sleep

until next time, xoxo, Ally


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