birks & parkas 

I have decided that “Birks & Parkas” will be my future band name if I ever decide to go that route with my future career. My singing talents include, but are not limited to, Aaron carter and a few solid Disney albums but I take requests as well.

But birks and parkas also refers to outfits that you wear when you live in NE and like to assume that since it was 60 the day before, that it won’t be 30 for your dinner outing. So you throw on your trusty Birks but grab a scarf that is cute anyways just incase. But then you’re wrong and you’re thanking the lord you happened to have your parks in the back seat. See below for results.


Huge special thanks to my cute lil photographer for having a blast with me and bearing the cold. I paid her in Starbs hot chocolate this morning no worries. Also, we grabbed din and I decided to try to be a food blogger for a sec, tell me I’m not born for it:

Thanks for following my adventures with me, xoxo, ally



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