spring cleaning

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spring 2016 is approaching faster than we all think it will, and I am determined to make it as healthy and good for the mind, soul, and body as any year yet. I am a fairly healthy gal, but there are for sure areas of my life I tend to forget about. For example some days I may go gluten-free for a day and feel great, but only get around 4 hours of sleep (yikes, but true). Or some days I may have a fab workout routine and #feeltheburn, but then proceed to dig in on snacks all night while I do my homework. I don’t plan to make any MAJOR lifestyle changes, but really want to just overall be healthier in a well-rounded aspect.

As far as my goals go:

+bread only before noon// this helps majorly when it comes to bloating and feeling overall sluggish because your body has the best system for digesting all those carbs when you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning time!

+one sweet a day// I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth in general, but I don’t mind a good cookie here and there. Thankfully I LOVE dark chocolate which is actually fairly good for you. By allowing myself one sweet a day instead of taking them away from myself all together, it allows me to have the satisfaction without binging on sweets when I cave.

+strive to eat less red meats// although this one seems simple, your girl loves her a good steak burrito bowl from Chipotle. By making the simple switch to chicken in situations like this, it can improve your overall heart health a ton! Fish is also a GREAT source of iron and good source of your fatty foods, so that salmon is always on my grocery list!

+drink more water// this is so typical and repetitive but so needed. Keeping a water bottle on me at all times and adding fruit when it gets bland is a great way to stay hydrated and have your body fueled for the day. Not only is this great for physical health, but keeps your mind working too.

+take time for myself// whether it be a few minutes to make myself a smoothie and just sit down, or time to actually read a book (i’m currently looking @ starting this one, thoughts?) this time is SO important. i’ve always been told we are all like cars, we’ve got to put in our own gas before we can fuel for others!

hope you can start to find some ways to improve your body & mind this spring! let me know what YOU are planning on doing to spring clean yourself!

until next time, xo, Ally


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