friday finds 1/22/16


1// I’m obsessed with this local boutique in town, Four Sisters, and have been in and out of the store too many times to count lately and finding out they have an online site was too much for me. But, who could blame me when they have adorable pieces like these suede shorts?!?!

2// so I may not be the most avid fan of working out, but I think I NEED this for the next time I do hit up the gym

3// got a gal pal or best friend you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day with this year? Check out Carly’s post on what to get your best gal friends to show them your love!

4// Kate Spade is my best friend I think. & their keychains are just TOO cute for your friends who are just starting to drive. I think I’m going to order this one for one of my soon to be 16 pals!

5// 10 different style tips from some of the best movies? Sign me up.

6// I have a thing for almonds, and these almond coated chicken nugs sound absolutely right up my alley!

7// how freakin’ fun are these balloon tails? I can’t WAIT until I have an excuse to use this crafty tip that’s now up my sleeve.

8// why would you drink anything other than pink hot chocolate is my question?

9// it’s still fairly chilly where I am, so here’s a list of the BEST hot chocolate recipes

10// lastly, here’s a nice vid of Adele singing Spice Girls and Nicki Manaj in the car because WHAT ELSE DOES ANYONE NEED IN LIFE?!

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