friday finds


1. John Legend is going to be a dad? uhmmm sign me up for a baby shower invite PUHLEASE! check out their cute baby announcement here

2. Just call me Rufus Humphrey because I am a waffle fanatic! These pumpkin whole wheat waffles are simply amazing and I’m so excited to share the recipe with you all!

3.just because i love my blog bestie ever so much: check out her adorable fall posts 

4.maybe it is because I want to be a kindergarten teacher or maybe because i am a mom in a 17 year old girl’s body…but these craft animal cups make my heart swoon with cuteness

5.i’m an east coaster at heart and this lobster grilled cheese dish gives me serious heart swellings just from thinking about it oh my yum

6. the amount of love and happiness this mama’s posts give me is crazy

7.JCrew’s website has an “always will be needed in your closet” section. just take my wallet from me already won’t ya JCrew?

8.this cardigan from Loft seriously makes me want some hot cocoa and a fireside cuddle buddy asap

9.long story but my mother threw away my Sperrys (not over it mom) and i’m on the hunt for some new ones. I love the classic leather ones and these dark and worn ones seem like the perfect fit

10. are you following me on insta for daily snaps and little life rants in the form of captions? if you aren’t take a peek over at @xoxoallisonnicole

happy friday friends! xoxo, ally


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