big dreamer


big dreams and goals are kinda my ish. but why the heck wouldn’t they be when the sky is the limit and shooting for the stars is something anyone can do? I get reality checked almost every day on whether my big dreams (become a famous fashion blogger, live in NYC for a period of time, have my own fashion line or boutique, even become a fun mom one day) are realistic. although they may be far-fetched and take a lot of work to get there…i don’t understand why i wouldn’t dare to dream and try.

people who think their goals are too big to be obtained: your dream stops there. you’re given a trillion and one chances in life to make something of yourself and your life and you have the opportunity to use each and every one of those trillion chances, or to sit back and watch other’s dreams come true. so work hard. fight for what you believe in. raise your hand in class. ask questions, ask SO many questions. have the desire to learn anything about everything. dream bigger than you could have ever fathomed and then take a step back and say nope even that isn’t big enough.

so keep your dreams big and then make them even bigger. you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to kid. happy happy Monday and keep those motivational vibes a-comin’

 “no one can tell me to bite off more than I can chew. because i would much rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocracy”

xoxo, Ally


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