life lately

Hello my peeps! here is a quick lil catch up post on how my life has been going this senior year (hint: speedy fast)


Selfies with KU’s mascot are completely necessary when you’re fully in love with a college. I took what I hope to be my last ACT this Saturday, which was a main reason for my lack of posts but I’m back at it! My dad (a die hard Jayhawk) went to a convention when KU came to my city and I am even more in love than I thought I was! I can’t wait to be a college girl and hopefully a Jayhawk but also need senior year to SLOW DOWN!


next I thought I would include this ever so cute snap of me enjoying my very first PSL of the season because hey, that’s something that needs to be commemorated. my goal this fall is to learn how to make a mean replica of Starb’s signature fall drink at home…anyone have any good reicipies?


finally here is such a typical ally snap. selfies in Lulu’s dressing room because sometimes you’re just feeling it. i bought a skort from them (pictured in the bottom right corner) and I’ve been OBSESSED with wearing it out and about and looking like such a tennis mom! #sorrynotsorry

Happy Sunday and happy mid-September! (again, can this year PUHLEASE slow down!)

xoxo, Ally


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