fallin’ into fall


Happy Friday friends! And welcome back to wordpress may I say! AH this past month as a whole has FLOWN by for me! Senior year is in full swing and I am rushing to do a million things at a million hours a millisecond. (I’m slightly busy *stressed out emoji*) But I still la-la-love bloggin and am so pumped to use it as an excuse for a quick ACT study break! But crazy quick story about wordpress/wix: I am just a 17 year old gal trying to choose a website to blog on and just like everything in life, it takes me a wee bit of going back and forth before making a final decision, but don’t worry kids…i’m here to stay on WordPress for awhile!

*back to the real ish*

fall jeans and booties// skinny jeans and tan booties. riddle me this: something better than that combo. honestly I’m swooning and pinning this pair on Pinterest like it is MY JOB! (i wish it was)

coffee graphic// hasn’t this been the darn real truth this year so far. coffee is becoming what i survive off of when I leave for dance team before 6 am! ah! I’ve also gotten in the awful habit of craving a cup before bed…thank the LORD for decaf!

olive green// this color is seriously the rage right now and i am dying to pick up a flowy shirt in this color and maybe a few baubles as well! ooh la la i can’t wait!

gold bar necklace// i NEED one of these with either “allison” or “dream big work hard” which is my new fav motto. you’ve gotta WERK girl in order to get what you want!

ah how i’ve missed blogging! i love you all so dearly!
xoxo, Ally


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