to do list printable

get it girl

I can’t be the only one who is seriously completely dependent on to-do lists and planners. Sometimes i turn to my phone when I have something quick I need to remember, but I’m usually much more satisfied to physically cross something off my to-do list, pen and paper and all that jazz. I’m always on the hunt for cute to-do lists. Target’s dollar spot is usually my go-to spot for cheap but cute ones, (after all I can’t justify spending a bunch of cash on paper). However I just came across the CUTEST printable to-do list that is PERFECTO for bloggers or anyone who is striving to get shiz done! Check out the link here to print it!

I’m in love with how simple and to the point it is, and makes you think about what you REALLY need to prioritize! (which i’m not the greatest at…yet). Let me know, Do you love to do lists as well?

xoxo, Ally


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