back to school lessons


summers are such a vital part of life in the sense that is is such a learning period of time. maybe not textbook and essay type learning, but the kind of learning that makes your heart grow a little bigger. this summer was no exception and was packed to the brim with lesson upon lesson of life; i loved them all. life is weird like that – giving you stations and circumstances you don’t think you’ll be able to handle at the moment, only to have yourself look back with pride on how well you really did handle it and how amazingly it impacted your life. so here are my little words of lesson wisdom

1)tidy space tidy mind. clean your room. it impacts your mood a lot more than you think when a few clothes are sitting on the floor or your bed isn’t made 2)give lots of hugs. people appreciate you, let them know. it’s never ever ever wrong to over-love someone. everyone needs a little love. 3)don’t let one person get you down. if their vibe isn’t impacting you in a positive manner, don’t listen to them. they have their opinions and you have yours, always stick with yours. 4)you can never be too excited about something and people who tell you to calm down, are not the kind of people you need in your life. 5)if you want it, get it. if you can dream it, do it. goals don’t get reached until you work for them, but the working pays off i promise. 6)it’s okay to be upset about big (or little) things break up with a “thought he was the one” kinda guy? have a stomach bug? the store not have the cutest shoes in your size? all OKAY things to get upset over but not for more than 5 days…. because onto…7)life goes on. you grow up a little more each day and you learn a lot more every minute. it’s crazy how much we change. 8)change is hard, but change is okay. don’t expect to automatically be okay with all big changes in your life, but you adjust quickly 9)ice cream every day never hurt anyone sweets are lifesavers. use them wisely. 10)love yourself. so much.

love yourself, life, and get excited about everything.

xoxo, Ally


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