Hot hair to beat the heat

   Excuse the quality of these photos as my 9 year old brother was instructed by me to take them at the pool because rest break is the perfect opportunity to whip out a post all about hair for the pool! {thank you public pool for having free wifi, you rock} I’ve been obsessed with pulling my hair back like this when I’m in the water because not only does it keep it off your back {we all know how sweaty and uncomfy that can get!} but it also looks super fab and like you spent a ton of time on it! Now let me mention it is a litttllleeee tricky and took me a few sloppy tries to master but I think I have it down. Basically you look like a fool for a good five minutes as you

 1) flip over your hair {standing and just leaning over works wonders} 

2) grab the hair closet to your neck and French braid up towards the top of your head just like you would any French braid {be careful not to grab huge chucks unless you want it all falling out pretty fast} 

3) when you get to your desired height, wrap it into a pony or a bun to really show off the braid! 

I seriously am in love with this style and another benefit is after wearing it at the pool, I get home and touch up the top layer of my hair with a curling wand and the underneath is perfectly wavy for the night #love. 

Hope you enjoy this fab look as much as I do! Have a great rest of your summer!

xoxo, Ally 


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